I’ve never been a fan of creepy crawly things, especially here in the great state of Texas. I feel like Texas is one of those states to have some of the most dangerous creatures on the face of the Earth. Now I might be being a little dramatic, but creepy crawly things in Texas are seen way too often in my opinion.

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Tet Vent Pets says there is an amphibian that lives along the Gulf Coast, but also in the great state of Texas, that everyone should most definitely be worried about. The. Bufo Marinus also known as the Cane Toad or the Giant, Marine is definitely a toad that you do not want to be near. Even though the Cane Toad has similarities to a lot of amphibians, this particular breed can contain toxins that could be considered deadly. These toads don’t necessarily go looking for trouble, but if trouble does appear, keep in mind that these little guys are loaded with extremely toxic chemicals, located in their right along their backs.



Let’s say you have a pet like a dog, and it chooses to bite the toad, unfortunately, chemicals are going to be released from the glands absorb the mucus of the dog, membranes, and head straight to the bloodstream. It is said that some of the side effects of these toads if your pet comes in contact with its toxins are diarrhea, vomiting, increased, salivation, very irregular heart rate, possible death due to heart failure, and even seizures. If the toxins themselves touch a human, it can be severe harm to your skin and unfortunately, there is no antidote for the toxins. So keep in mind, Texas if you happen to see these little toads around your home, get rid of them quickly it could be a life or death situation for not only you but your pet.

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