Over 6000 Texans have found themselves being victims of scams. According to the Texas Insurance blog Texans are told to be aware of scammers finding new ways to steal right from under their noses. It was reported that usually, individuals over the age of 60 find themselves being victimized more and more by fraud.

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$159 million is the amount of fraud that’s happened to Texans and it’s just not fair. A lot of times we get those telemarketing calls that can really seem innocent but, usually what happens is individuals call the house and they are very polite and ask you a couple of questions about yourself, even though a small conversation could be very harmless, careful it could be a scammer, trying to not only steal, your identity but money from you.


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There’s no real explanation for why elderly Texans are being targeted, but being alert, and not giving out your information unless it is a company or a business like a bank that you already have done transactions with should be the only exception.  It’s so disgusting that there are actually people out there who go out of their way, and actually make a living by taking advantage of the elderly. We ask that Texans please stay alert and remember the rules to avoid being a victim of a scam.

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