In some parts of Texas, the weather is finally becoming a little warmer, which means Texans will spend most of their time enjoying the outdoors. Boating, fishing, barbecues, and going to the park are some of our favorite outdoor things to do in the great state. Being outside in Texas does have its benefits because of course you get to enjoy the fun in the sun but please keep in mind that there are dangers all over the state.

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In cases of malaria, for example, a person infected with Plasmodium parasites emits a smell that is attractive to malaria mosquitoes. Dogs can detect that smell and assist with screening travelers at ports, or aid in efforts to eliminate or significantly reduce infections in communities.
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Earlier today an individual made a very disturbing social media post warning Texans about certain smells to be cautious of in the great state. Now, of course, if you smell gasoline in your house, you know that could mean a gas leak, a burning smell is also very familiar but what if I told you the smell of cucumbers could be one of the most dangerous smells you can endure? Some of the most venomous snakes live here in Texas, and according to House Digest The Copperheads, which are one of the most dangerous snakes, you can encounter in Texas have a distinctive, cucumber musk sent the snake startled or touched.


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You usually find copperheads resting under rocks or maybe even alongside and you could walk within a few inches of the snake and never know that it’s there which in my opinion is scary especially because I hate anything that crawls. If you still happen to smell a heavy aroma of cucumbers or even rotten cucumbers you are urged to call pest control right away, because it could be possible that they have a snake has slithered its way into your home without you even knowing it, and it could breed and even have a nest in your home. I’ve never been a fan of creepy Crawley things, and I never will be if you are anything like me, please watch for signs it could save your life.


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