I hate that every couple of months I have to do an open letter to Central Texas to explain to them how severe and how dangerous COVID-19 is but most importantly how relevant COVID-19 silliness!

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I am aware that the state of Texas is open back up which means people are coming back outside, businesses are back open, and places are more crowded but that does not mean you do not need to be cautious and aware that COVID-19 is still spreading here in Central Texas, and it’s still affecting families all over Texas every single day. I’m a big believer in just because COVID-19 is now not spoken about as much as it was in the very beginning, we should still follow the precautions of making sure everyone stays 6 feet away from each other, you wash their hands after using the restroom, and hand sanitizer should always be your best friend.


jarun011 via Getty Images
jarun011 via Getty Images

I live my life following those particular rules before COVID-19, so I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t follow them just because Texas says you do not have to anymore, you can still get sick at any point in time. Now that we’re going into the fall season, you’re not able to identify Covid from the flu which can be just as scary. You might think you have just the common flu and all the while you have coronavirus. Please Central Texas, be smart about COVID-19 it shows no mercy for anyone. Covid-19 can harm us and kill us, so let’s do our best to make sure we keep each other safe.


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