Welcome to the great state of Texas where it can be so beautiful outside during winter time in the great state, you can bring out your barbecue grills, and then a moment you might need a puffy jacket and snow boots. Texas is just one of those states that has bipolar weather like that, unfortunately.

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Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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For the last four weeks, it’s been beautiful in Texas with weather outside that reminds you of barbecues, cookouts, and even maybe heading to the lake. According to my San Antonio, grabbing the flip-flops and heading to the beach, could be the last thing that needs to be on your mind starting last night temperatures dropped in the lower 20s in the great state and the National Weather Service released a statement saying strengthening weather storms will trolling cold will continue to progress across the center of US today than the eastern US on Wednesday, which means Texas a slap dab in the middle of all that cold front confusion.



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Strong winds have traveled across the Coastal waters resulting in small advisory conditions chili weather is making its way back Thursday night in Texas. According to NWS Austin/San Antonio a Texas, county could even see cooler temperatures headed into the weekend with them dipping in the upper 30s and lower 40s, which means if we fall into anything lower than 32° it’s below-freezing.Texas keep your jacket handy because we might be in for a doozy.

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