Today is National Pet Day and as a lover of my fur babies (I have 2 dogs and a puppy but he's going to a good home soon...I hope) what better day is there than today to show love to our pets.

Melz, Sparky And The Late Great Lexie The Freedom Ferret

One great thing that's been happening in Killeen over the last few years is there are more and more places to take our furry friends to have fun. Here are a few of our favorite places to take our pets in Killeen and if you want to show love to your furry friend, post a photo of your furbaby in the comments and on our Facebook page!

  • 1

    Mickey's Dog Park

    Mickey's Dog Park in Killeen is a super popular dog park that has lots of space for your doggie to run free!

  • 2

    Purser Family Park

    Purser Family Park over in Harker Heights is also a great place to bring your pets. Lots of fun!

  • 3

    Long Branch Park

    While Long Branch doesn't have a dedicated dog park, it is large enough to find a space for your pet to run wild and free!

  • 4

    Pet Store For A Treat

    Swing by a nearby pet store and get your buddy a treat or a new toy to play with but if we're being completely honest, they will still destroy your socks, towels or whatever is they have chosen to chew on.


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