Belton ISD has broken ground on a new elementary school and is asking the public for its help in picking a name for it. In fact, Belton ISD is looking for suggestions on two new elementary schools.

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Elementary school number 12 broke ground on Wednesday, while Elementary school number 13 is scheduled to break ground in early 2023.

Belton ISD Breaking New Ground

According to a press release from Belton ISD, "Elementary No. 12" is being built in the norther part of the district at 8104 Glade Dr. in Temple. The Concho Valley Homepage reports that the ceremonial ground breaking for the 105,775 square-foot facility was on Wednesday, Sept. 21 and is expected to hold 800 students K-5.

Voters passed a $173,825,000 bond last May to help address growth which is expected to see about 800 kids added to the district each year. "Elementary No. 13" is scheduled to begin construction in the Hubbard Branch subdivision in early 2023.

New Names Needed

The two new elementary schools will need names, and Belton ISD is asking residents to help pick them. Assistant superintendent of operations, Michael Morgan, said:

“This is one of the many exciting parts of opening a new school — deciding what it will be called. Names have significance and meaning, so it’s important to have names representing the district’s beliefs and values.”

Know of a perfect name for an elementary school? Well, now's your chance to let the world know.

Deadline is October 15

Naming a school after somebody is a great honor, and Belton ISD is asking folks to have their suggestions in by October 15, 2022. There are a couple of guidelines they'd like you to adhere to, though.

To be considered, a suggestion must not already be used by the district at another school or facility. Makes sense, right?

If suggesting the name of someone who has passed away, the person must have been deceased for at least a year. Any individual, group, or organization name suggested as a possibility should embody exemplary qualities that can serve as a model of excellence. (So no jokingly naming a school after your couch surfing cousin who can't hold down a job.)

Final Nominations

Once names have been submitted, a committee will review all the suggestions and narrow the pool down to two or three, then submit those recommendations to the Board of Trustees in November for consideration and approval.

Mascots and school colors will be selected after a name is finalized.

Got a name in mind? Make your nomination at

Personally, I don't think Aaron Zytle Elementary School is too shabby a name, so feel free to recommend it if you want.

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