According to Belton Independent School District, all of the schools and offices in that particular district will be closed on Monday, February 20, which means there will be no classes while the teachers and staff participate in the district's 2nd annual recharge conference.

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This is a day that is devoted to professional development and efforts to foster a culture where every student and staff member is valued, supported, and engaged. The more support and tools our teachers have, the better they can encourage, support, and educate our kids.

Happy black elementary student and his teacher giving high five during class at school.
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Director of Professional Learning Vikki Dean said, "We believe that each and every employee is a learner. It is important for our staff to engage with each other, and the professional learning provided through a conference provides this opportunity".

I believe that Vikki Dean is most definitely on to something thinking in that way.

The schools and offices will re-open back on Tuesday, February 21 for teachers and staff, but it will still be a holiday for students which means the students will return to class on February 22.

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