There's a new scam taking over Belton!

Belton PD warned residents Tuesday to be aware of a new scam that has hit the area. Scammers are posing as employees of the police department and seeking personal information.

The department says they are not making outbound calls concerning family issues, and if an officer were to call, they would identify themselves by name and badge number.

Residents are advised not to give out any personal information by phone or email, and to call (254) 933-5840 if they're suspicious of a caller claiming to be with the police department.

Don't fall victim to the latest scam! It's perfectly fine to ask questions when someone calls claiming to be with the police department. If you ask a real officer if you can call the department they claim to be from for confirmation, they'll say yes. That's when you call the department's non-emergency line and ask to be put through to the person you were just speaking with.

Obviously if that person was lying, the department will let you know.

These scammers like to call pretending to be police or government officials and bully you into giving them personal information, sending them money, or buying gift cards. Sometimes they'll threaten to arrest you if you don't cooperate, or claim that you have to pay some sort of court cost to settle a warrant or other legal issue.

Again, always ask questions and demand to know who you're speaking with and how you can contact them at the agency from which they claim to be calling.

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