The Belton Police Department is seeking to add experienced officers to their team and is offering a big incentive.

A $5,000 hiring incentive is being offered to certified and experienced officers. If you're interested in applying, you don't have to be certified through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, but you will need to pass the Civil Servant exam.

This event will be held at the Central Texas Council of Governments, 2180 N Main St in Belton, on Saturday, May 14th at 9:00 AM.

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The last day to apply is May 10th. Interested candidates can submit their applications via e-mail, fax, or in-person to Human Resources or the Belton Police Department.

You'll find the information you need and the Belton PD application packet here.

That is a great incentive if you're looking to get into law enforcement in a small town like Belton. Some employers entice possible candidates by offering a sign-up bonus for working with them, so why not our police?

I have some friends who are officers in Austin, and one of my childhood friends was in the Secret Service.

Even though I never thought about becoming a patrol officer, I have the utmost respect for them because it's a tough job.

Think about it: going to your job knowing that you might not make it home that day? You've got to be pretty dedicated.

I feel Belton needs officers, because I don't see many of them like I see Temple PD riding around during my commute to work and back.

Belton PD is looking for candidates, and you might have what it takes to be an officer.

Just remember who gave you the heads-up on the opportunities with Belton PD if you stop me! (Kidding, kidding.)

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