If there are educators who are ready to be a part of the Belton, Texas Independent School, District, here is your chance. April 28, which is a Friday, Belton ISD will host a job fair for Central Texas from 10 AM until 2 PM at the Support Service Center located at 1220 Huey Dr. in Belton.

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Belton ISD, Canva
Belton ISD, Canva

The interviews will be conducted on-site for not only custodians but mechanics, crossing guards, supervisors, faculties, technicians, painters, bus drivers, and nutrition, service staff. The Belton ISD offers not only medical and dental insurance, time off on holidays and weekends, free life insurance, and most importantly, a retirement plan. Todd Schiller who is the assistant superintendent for human resources says,"Belton ISD has something really special to offer those interested in a career in education at any level.


Happy black elementary student and his teacher giving high five during class at school.
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We are proud to have a culture that supports and values every member of the team for that reason. Folks want to work in the big red community!" This fast-growing district in Central, Texas has enrolled about 13,600 pre-K through 12-grade students at 19 different campuses. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Belton ISD family come out to this job fair.


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