Here in Belton, Texas, a lot of people you meet are either in the military or related to someone who is. It's a point of pride across Central Texas, and Belton ISD is doing something special this month to  to celebrate our military families.

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Belton ISD, Canva
Belton ISD, Canva

On April 28, the folks at Belton Independent School District will wear purple to celebrate the month of the military child.

Executive Director Cassandra Spearman said Tuesday that almost 1/3 of Belton ISD's student body is made up of military children, and that the unique experiences they bring to the district make them an asset to the community.

“We have a tremendous partnership with our neighbors at Fort Hood, and it’s a bonus to our school district to be able to serve so many of their military families,” Spearman said.

The district has been "going purple" throughout April, but the 28th will be a day specifically for honoring these great kids.


Service is no cake walk for our soldiers, and the hardships that can come with it are shared with their children. Some kids don't get to see a military parent for months while they're deployed, and that's not easy on a young person.

The fact that Belton ISD  is celebrating these children is fantastic. It gives a child a sense of knowing that they are not alone and that they are being supported. In my opinion, you can’t mention Central Texas without mentioning Fort Hood, and if I was being honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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