The city of Killeen has issued an emergency boil water notice. Due to an emergency. It has caused a halt of water services for  Culp Avenue from 1008 until 1014 block and 1012 through 1101 block of French Drive.

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The city reported that there was a water valve replacement on the distribution line, and there will be a water crew needed to isolate the main water. The water crew will need to remain on site until our repairs are completed, and the water services are restored, and quality. Samples will also be taken the following morning With the results being available, in 24 to 48 hours.

The city of Killeen stresses that individuals who live in that particular area should boil the water before consumption until the water sampling results confirm that there’s no contamination occurring there. There will be a notice issued through the city of Killeen website and the boiling water notice hotline at 254-501-6515 once the notice is lifted.


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