Don’t put those puffy jackets up just yet Texas because according to KXAN you’re gonna need them. For the last three years from December until March, the great state of Texas has found itself playing limbo when it comes to the weather. Living in Central Texas all my life I can say with confidence that the weather reminds you of someone who has mood swings like a drunk person.

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Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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One moment Texas can be beautiful and sunny, later, in the day, you could have real tornado warnings, by midnight it might be a flash, flood, and snow in the wee hours, but hey, it’s Texas and we love it. Despite what Phil the Groundhog says, we still might have weeks of more winter, again in the great state telling us what the weather could be is just a suggestion.


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Sorry, Phil. In Central Texas, Austin finds itself with an average of snowfall being only 0.2, and statistically, January is the coldest month December would be the second coldest month, and February comes in third, but according to The Old, Farmers Almanac weather forecast, a wet and icy winter is still headed to Texas, and you need to properly prepare. When the winters are super cold in Texas, the summer here is miserable, but I guess we’ll just have to wait till then to see what happens. For now, I need Texans to bundle up!

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