Baylor University is continuing the tradition of offering free law classes to the public, but this year's program will understandably be a little different.

Several free legal courses will be taught online and are currently open for registration.

According to the Baylor website, a half-day of curriculum will be offered online to those interested in learning more about the law. The program is called the People's Law School, and this is the 16th year that it has taken place.

In previous years, the program was hosted on the Baylor campus at the law school building, but due to COVID-19 the event will be hosted exclusively online via Zoom.

Once again, this program is absolutely free to the Central Texas community.

There are 16 courses available to the public:

  • Civil Liberties and COVID
  • Consumer Law
  • Contesting Your Property Taxes
  • Disabilities and the ADA in the Time of COVID
  • Elder Law
  • Family Law I
  • Family Law II
  • Freedom from Discrimination versus Religious Liberty
  • Guardianship
  • Introduction to Special Education Law
  • Landlord/Tenant Law
  • Mediation, Arbitration, and ADR
  • Starting Your Business
  • Texas Community Property: What is it and How to Protect It
  • Top Scams During the COVID Pandemic
  • Wills and Estate Planning

For a full description of the courses available, please visit Baylor's website.

In this age of technology, most things that we need or want to know are just a quick Google search away. Although the tricky thing is how we interpret the information we receive and decide what we do with it. So while we may find the answers we need online, that doesn't mean we actually understand the information that was given.

Baylor University hosts legal courses that you can trust and understand. The courses are taught by legal experts and volunteer attorneys. These experts will educate you on the fundamentals of the law in a way that you can understand. The information you learn could help you with your business or just personal day-to-day life.

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