The Texas A&M Aggies and Baylor Bear's rivalry dates back to the end of the 19th century. But now that they don't play each other regularly, maybe it has cooled down a bit.

Baylor's real-life bear mascot lady received treatment for a tumor at Texas A&M's Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. The 17-year-old is back home and being monitored closely, besides being held to a soft food diet, she is almost completely back to her normal routine.

Baylor and A&M have played 108 times, but their rivalry isn't nearly as strong as the Aggies and Longhorns.

According to Gigem247, the Aggies Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital took in Texas Longhorn Mascot Bevo XIV back in 2015. The longhorn was diagnosed with bovine leukemia and passed away shortly after being checked in the hospital.

That's the Texan way. Help out a neighbor in need.




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