Anyone that's spent a late night in Austin can tell you that when you gotta go, its tough to find a place to relieve yourself but you still shouldn't go in public. Strong piece of advice, if you do decide to risk your freedom to relieve your bladder in public, at least stop when you're told to.

According to Fox 7 Austin, 20 year old Luis Rios Flores was arrested June 8 after Austin police say he struck two police horses and two mounted officers after an officer told him to stop peeing in public.

The mounted officers say that they observed Flores peeing in public and ordered him to stop. Flores allegedly kept the waterworks going and began cursing at the officers according to his arrest affidavit. The officers at least let him finish before they attempted to detain him and that's when Flores allegedly hit the first officer's horse in the head with his hand, causing the officer to lose control of his horse momentarily.

As they attempted to place Flores under arrest, he allegedly took a swing at another horse, missing, and punched an officer in the hand and another in the thigh, and hit a third horse on the side.

Flores was arrested and charged with interference with a police service animal and resisting arrest.

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