The first thing I learned about Texas was this: BBQ is the point of pride for Texas food fare, but queso... Lord have mercy. Queso is the reason I have a beer after work. It's the reason I know where every taqueria is in Temple, Killeen, Belton and the rest of Central Texas. Like the breakfast taco, queso has one true home in the United States and that home is Texas.

The Wall Street Journal and Houston Chron published articles about the origin of queso and the fact that Arkansas is claiming its the state where queso was born. In fact, in the article "Don't Tell Texas, But Arkansas Is Laying Claim to Queso", there is claim a Little Rock, Ark. eatery called Mexico Chiquito may have been the first place in the world "queso" was served.

By the way, queso in Arkansas is called "cheese dip". So even by name this cheese monstrosity isn't considered queso!

There is only one hashtag for #ArkansasQueso and the poster said this is the close they could get (bet they're from Texas).

This is what Texas queso is all about.

Arkansas even has a World Cheese Dip Championship and guess what? They don't invite anyone outside of their state, according to Robb Walsh, a Tex-Mex writer/expert. They competition even misnamed chile con queso for Pete's sake! Not to mention many say the origin of queso are tied to northern Mexico.

Here's what I'll say.

Arkansas you can have your cheese dip. We'll just sit here and enjoy our queso.

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