Since Friday The 13th is around the corner, I figured I'll share a "ghost story" about our studios here in Copperas Cove. It's been long rumored that our studio was haunted by a ghost because weird things always seems to happen like doors closing on their own, bangs and noises late at night, sounds crazy right? Check it...

The story goes like this, when I first started at Kiss, I had a live late night show called "The Saturday Night Takeover" which would air after midnight on Saturday nights. I would be in studio really late night alone and I can attest to hearing and seeing weird things.

While it was weird witnessing my clock spinning BACKWARDS, me and the "spirit" seem to have an understanding, as long as keep all the doors open in the building so "it" or "they" can roam around freely. Since this night, I haven't seen anything weird (maybe I annoyed him to the point of exhaustion and he left) or it could a figment of my imagination...maybe.

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