Residents of an apartment building in San Antonio have complained to police and called them over 20 times because of sex parties that are being held twice a day in their building.

KENS-TV reports that a flyer was found in the yard by one of the complaining neighbors stating to “donate $10 in exchange for condoms, personal lubricant, alcohol, and more."

Just $10, huh?

When told about the accusations of parties being thrown at their residence, one homeowner reportedly said, "There's always going to be a Karen or two in the neighborhood."



I bet a dollar the people upset are the people mad they are not invited.

It go down in San Antonio, huh?

Bad enough, (or good enough for some people,) the city ranks near the top of the list for threesomes during the pandemic.

(Yes they actually did a study on this.)

There’s always a hater. Maan, let these people be great!

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