I am sorry, but I think that Apollo is being used behind bars. Check out how a scammer tried to scam Apollo with a book.

So, this lady decided that she wanted to become pen pals with Apollo. She writes him a letter and sends him a copy of her book and request that he reads it.

Apollo complied, read the book and responded back requesting that she send him $25-$50 to go on his "books." I guess that was the wrong thing to do, because the lady who sent him the book and letter took offense to his request.

She replied back by saying that she could not send him $25 because she is a single mom and had to put that money towards her daughter's savings. Apollo responded, because he only has time on his hands, and said that is was sorry and wished her well with her book.

He went on to say that he did not know that $25 was a breaking point and that he would keep her in his prayers for financial wealth so she could apply more to $25 to her daughters saving account. She needs more than prayer ... IJS.