Hip hop heads around the world will confess to you that one of the greatest MC's of all time based on IMPACT to the culture was Tupac Shakur. His music and legacy is still having an impact on millions of people including a 66 year old white bureaucrat in Iowa.

According to KCRG in Cedar Rapids, Jerry Foxhoven was the Director of Iowa's Department of Human Services and apparently he was also a HUGE FAN of the late great Tupac.

Jerry would host "Tupac Fridays" in the office where he worked where he would play Tupac music all day long, on his 65th birthday he brought in Tupac cookies decorated with the words "Thug Life" on them, and he would regularly email Pac lyrics to co-workers.

But just like Hillary Clinton, it would be those darn emails that would lead to Jerry's demise. According to the report, last month Jerry sent out an email to all 4,300 of his employees under him telling them to commemorate Tupac's birthday over the weekend by listening to his music.

The next day, Jerry received a call from the Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds asking him to resign from his job. Apparently, one of Jerry's co-workers complained to lawmakers about his love of 2Pac and an email search found that over the last 2 years Jerry sent over 350 pages of emails with the word "Tupac" in them.

While the Governor is citing "a lot of factors" for asking for Foxhoven's resignation, we're willing to bet that if it was a different artist (maybe Elvis or some one more to the "non-thug life" sensibilities of most Iowans) there wouldn't be any issues.

Just know that we're riding with you Jerry and to quote a song we know you know well, "Keep Your Head Up!".

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