In case you missed it, R. Kelly revealed this week that he would be releasing a Christmas themed album titled "12 Nights Of Christmas" which is set to drop on October 12th. Now from MY point of view, I'm sure R. had this plan in his head since last year when he dropped "Christmas Party" a re-work of his "Backyard Party" hit, and he's always dropped a Christmas song here and there throughout the years.

So I was curious, and just guessing really, what R. Kelly has in store for us this holiday season? I had a few hopes ideas for songs I would like R. Kelly to re-do for Christmas, I think these would be great! I got 5 of them...

  • 1

    12 Plays of Christmas

    I mean come on, you GOTTA start the album with this one, if you need some help, here are some sample lyrics I wrote:

    One: We'll go to my room of fun.. Two: And bring the gifts, we'll wrap some... Three: Cuz Tonight we're gonna, put the gifts under the treeeeee yeah....

    Okay, that's all you get...

  • 2

    Trapped In The Chimney

    How about a quick...I don't know, 12 part story on how Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney, you can put some plot twists in it like elves as gangsters or something like that. Totally up to you fam.

  • 3

    Down Low On The Christmas Tree

    I think you can flip this one into a song about the location of the gifts. "Keep it on the down lowwww, nobody has to knooow, until Christmas Day"

    *nods silently in agreement*

  • 4

    I Believe Reindeers Can Fly

    I mean how much easier can I make this fam? Seriously, just slip in "reindeers", "Sleigh" and Santa, and its an armored truck pulling up to your house on Christmas Day R. Kelly.

  • 5

    Feelin On Yo Booty Under The Mistletoe

    Now I know we could all win with this one! You already stealing a kiss, might as well steal a booty rub while you at it "Am I Right?"

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