Pokemania is back in a major way with the already global phenomenon of the smartphone app "Pokemon GO". We've seen hundreds of adults and kids running around the Central Texas area playing the game and in a way, has brought a lot of people TOGETHER despite its criticism for being "childish". We could surely use a little fun in our lives right now, so get outside with the family and start exploring! I've been playing the game for a few days now and my family and I have been "searching" all throughout Killeen and Copperas Cove. In the game, there places called "Poke-Stops" where you can collect items for your gameplay and also meet other players and exchange tips and ideas. Here are a few of the more interesting and amazing stops we recommend!


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    Central Texas College

    CTC is a hot bed of Pokemon activity (of course college students will get things popping) with a BUNCH of "poke-stops" on campus and lots of players you'll spot all around playing, if you're in the need of some "Poke-Balls" this is the place to be!

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    Killeen Arts & Activities Center

    The Killeen Arts & Activities Center is also a great Poke-Stop if you're in the downtown area. Make your way down 4th St. and pick up some supplies and you might spot a Pokemon!

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    Killeen City Hall

    City Hall is another Poke-Stop that's nearby! There's also a Gym in the area as well so you can get your battle on!

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    "Gifted Hands Mural"

    If you're in Cove, you can swing by the "Gifted Hands Mural" next to Gifted Hands Salon & Spa.

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    Churches All Over The Area

    One of the great things about Pokemon is, despite reports of people finding dead bodies and getting robbed, most poke-stops are in safe locations like churches. A majority of the stops in and around Killeen and Cove are located at many churches representing many faiths. Kind of a nice touch and maybe a deeper reminder of what we're here for in the first place.

    Photo credit: Buccina Studios