Yes you read that right.

Earlier today the Bell County Public Health District announced that 31 new cases of COVID-19 have popped up in Bell County since Friday

BCPHD director Dr. Amanda Robison-Chadwell said the new cases were from asymptomatic individuals from shared households in which the entire family tested positive.

A shocking number because everyone thinks this is mainly hitting senior citizens Chadwell said several of the cases were in people under age 20.

If you check the Bell County Public Health Website's dashboard it shows there have been 25 known cases of the virus in individuals under age 20 in Bell County, while the majority of the cases are in the 40-49 age range.

While Bell County‘s numbers have been particularly low compared to other counties in the state of Texas, with only 309 confirmed cases, 180 recoveries, and three people dying, this should be a wake-up call that COVID-19 is for real.

The majority of cases are coming from Killeen and temple

As I said on the air you have to, of course, abide by the government and the rules the city sets as it relates to COVID-19, but you have to also make good judgment calls yourselves by washing your hands using sanitizer and most of all wearing a mask.

Please be careful out there folks!

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