This past weekend, the football season kicked off and my team lost in heartbreaking fashion. Instead of walking around the rest of the day feeling down, I decided to cheer myself up and do something I haven't done in awhile: LIGHT THE GRILL!


Now grilling season for me is year round, but I especially like the fall. Texas falls don't last long, you know that short period between October and November where temps range from 100 to 40 degrees, yeah that's fall here. But with football and fairs going on, its the best time to throw some meat over some fire and chill.

I find grilling to be a relaxing exercise, despite the fact that I pace around nervously like a mad man for some strange reason. I'm not a pit master or a grill master for that matter but I'm not wack either, I'd like to believe my grilling game is on point. But I'm aware there are folks out there who have issues, so let me help you out, here are just 3 of my grilling tips (the game is to be sold, not to be told, that's why you're only getting THREE!)

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    Get Yourself A "Chimney Starter"

    I'm amazed that there's a LOT of people who don't have this essential item! I was asked to grill at my cousin's house earlier this summer and when I got there, I saw that they didn't have a chimney starter, so I brought them one! This thing will get your grill lit in NO TIME and you don't need lighter fluid so your food doesn't have that "fuel" smell"

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    Lump Charcoal

    Now there's a debate among grillers over lump charcoal vs. briquettes, but I'm a "lump" guy. It lights up faster and burns hotter than briquettes and it doesn't leave that "charcoal stink" on your food. I know some of yall like that stink but I don't.

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    Soak Your Meat

    Marinate your meat, seriously! Don't just throw dry meat on your grill, the point of this exercise to have juicy delicious flame grilled food. For steaks and burgers (or beef), I prefer soaking in Worcestershire Sauce, it can be overnight for in the fridge for at least an hour. For poultry I prefer soy sauce.