Ginuwine’s 1996 song “Pony” has a whole new meaning after alleged nude photos of the singer leaked onto the internet. On Thursday (Nov. 17), Ginuwine found himself trending on Twitter and it was not for his music.

According to reports, the singer’s ex may have leaked his penis pics on social media and fans are going nuts (no pun intended). In the photos, you can’t see his face but you do get a clear visual of his manhood and a man’s hand gripping it. Fans are now calling his penis “The Stallion,” in reference to Gin’s song, “Pony.”

We are not going to link the photos here, but if you do a search on Twitter, you should be able to see his, um, "Stallion."

Ginuwine has responded to the fans' hysteria over his leaked nude photos. He tweeted:

Reports are saying that Ginuwine's "ex" allegedly leaked the photos. It's unclear if his ex-wife, former rapper Solé, was the culprit or not. The two were embroiled in a nasty divorce battle that was finalized last year. So who knows?

Fans' reactions to Ginuwine's nude photos are hilarious. Some people have praised the veteran singer for being so "gifted" while others are trying to holler at Ginuwine since he is now a Bachelor. See what we did there?

Check out the reactions below.

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