I'm back one more time this week commanding the all-night flight that is The Kiss Goodnight with your favorite Slow Jams and Love Songs! Tonight, we're kicking things off with a slow sultry NEW one from Avery Sunshine.

There's just not time enough in the morning, and we're both worn out by the evening, sometimes there's nothing better than a sweet afternoon. - Avery Sunshine

On her last smash hit, Call My Name, Avery Sunshine sang about how things could grow old and stale in relationships and calls for her lover to get back to the basics. Well, on this one, is just as excellent and beautiful as her last one. Here she sings about how important it is to make some time for your special someone. Its a great song, and I'm giving it to you FIRST on The Kiss GoodNight tonight! Listen Live starting at 11:00pm CST!