We all know the troubled genius that is R. Kelly and in the 90's, Kelly was at the top of his game with the launch of his label Rockland Records. The first artist from that imprint was Sparkle and Kelly helped her create a great song warning of the complacency of relationships called "Be Careful".

Off the strength of Kelly's songwriting and production, Sparkle's self-titled debut album went platinum and "Be Careful" would be the biggest and only hit of her career. That career would be cut short as her and Kelly would soon fall out over a variety of issues including Sparkle accusing Kelly of making a sex tape with her niece which Kelly and her niece vehemently deny.

Like many of Kelly's songs during this period, it tells a story from not only Kelly's but Sparke's point of view as well. Its a great song and a warning to all the fellas to not sell dreams and to always "be careful" on how you are treating your special someone. We BE ALL NIGHT tonight on The Kiss Goodnight so join me as we stay up all night with your favorite love songs!