Some of us believe that one should live life without any regrets. We all have a tendency to hate something about our pasts and we do whatever we can to bury it. But what if you created something a lot of people actually LOVE but you don't? Tonight's Slow Jam of the Night definitely fits into that category.In 1992, SWV's debut album "It's About Time" was one of the biggest albums of the year. SWV's label RCA picked 4 singles to be released and "Downtown" was one of the songs chosen. During this era of gangsta rap dominance, super sexually charged R&B music became the norm in order to keep up with hip hop's aggressive overtones. "Downtown" was a hit despite its rather "explicit" content. When this song crossed my mind I started to research the video and came across this message from YouTube:

So I continued my research and discovered that not only did SWV for the most part had the song scrubbed from the net, there's next to no real information available for the song. On their reality show "SWV Reunited", the group clashed over performing the song and in this interview, lead singer CoKo is asked why the group doesn't perform the song anymore (2:10 mark).

I totally understand her point of view, but it doesn't change the fact that this song is still loved by lots of people and we're jamming it tonight on The Kiss Goodnight starting at 11:00pm CST.