As the city of Killeen begins to grow, more and more entrepreneurs are being discovered and praying for unique talents. I love to see my city flourish and showcase all its talent, but I get even more excited when the small business is a restaurant/food truck.

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Tonya Williams is an entrepreneur, well known in Central Texas as, "the mayor of the nightlife in the CTX," and she has showcased and earned her right to be known as one of the best entrepreneurs in Killeen due to the fact that she is not only the owner of the infamous Hangover Bar and Grill located in the city, and in Waco Texas, she’s also the owner of the delicious seafood Food truck that has Central Texas in a frenzy Krab Kingz, and now  Williams has done it again with opening now known as the best cheesesteak food truck here in Texas call Holy Moly Cheesesteaks.


What you need to know about me Texas when writing these articles about food establishments I’m not just writing for exposure. The three things I don’t play about is my family, my money, and most importantly, my food!  I say that to say Texas just know if I’m giving you a food article I’ve experienced it, and this is my honest opinion. Holy Moly, Cheesecake, located at 3101 S Fort Hood Rd. in the food truck Parking lot and it is by far one of the most delicious Philly cheesesteaks that you have ever had outside of the great state of Texas. I also think it’s important to mention that the staff is very professional, and quick, and that’s amazing customer service. For the last two months, this particular establishment is all that has been discussed on social media, you can’t have a conversation about food in Central, Texas, without mentioning the delicious, Holy Moly Cheesesteak food, truck. So the next time you are craving a delicious Philly cheesesteak, keep this amazing establishment in mind. Someone needs to tell  Philadelphia to move over there’s a new cheesesteak city in town thanks to Holy Moly, Cheesesteak in Killeen.

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