While most of us in Texas are putting up our Christmas trees and getting ready for Santa. Some Texans still think it’s appropriate for leftovers from Thanksgiving to be considered supper each night until it’s all gone. I asked Texans how long is too long when they have leftovers for Thanksgiving and honestly, I was really shocked and surprised by a lot of individuals answers.

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I have always been a big believer in getting rid of leftovers as soon as possible. I feel like it’s hoarding and I don’t really and like the idea of just keeping food for no reason. If you really wanted to eat it, you would have in my opinion, and if not, just throw it away. Granted, I remember growing up, and after Thanksgiving, we would have ham and eggs for breakfast, turkey noodle soup, and split pea soup with ham, and even though each one of those dishes is absolutely delicious, I don’t want to eat them every day until Christmas, not to mention I just think it’s not sanitary after a while just like every other food in the world things begin to spoil. If you want to enjoy leftovers, fine, but eating them in till you reach the month of December is outrageous to me.


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There were some Texans who said Thanksgiving is a one-and-done event for their family, I also spoke with Texans who say they could honestly eat it every day until New Year’s which in my opinion is just alarming, but the real question is, is it safe or is it okay to eat the Thanksgiving leftovers? According to food safety guidelines, Thanksgiving leftovers should generally be thrown away for 3 to 4 days, and this will ensure that the food does not spoil and become unsafe for individuals to eat. This means, enjoy it on Thursday, Friday it will taste its best, Saturday you’re playing with a tricky time window, Sunday it’s time for you to start packing it up and on Monday you’re playing a dangerous game with food poisoning, and on Tuesday you will have to see a doctor. Of course, you want everybody to enjoy their holidays but just remember to not overextend the food.

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