It's time for another cycle of elections here and while most of us adults may dread having to make the tough choices of who to vote for, its also VERY important to get our young people involved and understand that they too, need to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

That's why the Killeen Democrats will be hosting "Save Yo' Self: Youth 2020 Voter Drive" TONIGHT (Jan. 31) at 6:00 PM at 254 Kascade Skates in Killeen located at 4400 South Fort Hood Drive.

Killeen Democrats
Killeen Democrats

This will be a great opportunity for your 18 or older young person to meet the candidates that are running and learn more about voting in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Plus, if your young person registers to vote and makes a commitment to vote, they will be able to skate for FREE at 254 Kascade this evening. So let those that are 18 and older know that they can get involved and make their voice heard and have some fun tonight.

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