Another contest is in the books with Joy Smith claiming the crown of the grossest grill in Central Texas. It was a tough decision as you can see, but man, all of y'all need new grills!

Some grill stories were a bit sad and some were hilarious. We wanted to share the most messed up grills in Central Texas. Who knows, your story and picture are most likely above.

Your husband backing into your grill at night will usually cause performance problems in the future... Okescha Warren:

Husband decided to grill outside in the driveway last summer while the kids were playing in the front yard. After we all ate, he was letting the grill finish cooling down before he put it back up in the backyard. It was dark and e forgot and backed the truck into the grill. It's torn up and doesn't work, but he had refused to throw it away until now.

Don McCumber is a resourceful grill master:

Found the grill on the curb on trash day. Inside is rusted out. It's being held together with years of fat drippings and barbecue sauce. The rats seem to like it as their home too.

Using a tree to prop up your grill made you a very close second, Shalonda Thomas:

It was standing a couple of weeks ago and I went out to clean it up to grill and it was on the ground. Collapsed! My oldest daughter just neatly stacked it up against the tree instead of putting it in the dumpster. Sentimental value...

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