Do you know anything about this accident that happened between Killeen, Texas and Copperas Cove? Corinna Lee Ann-Nadine Pope, as identified by Texas Department of Public Safety was struck by not one, but two vehicles early Thursday morning, Nov. 17.

Here's What We Know

It was 4am when Pope decided she was going to try and cross highway I-14. She was first hit by a driver in a Dodge pickup truck heading east between Killeen and Copperas Cove. According to DPS, the driver stops and pulls over to help the woman. Before he could even render aide the woman was hit a second time before he could get to her.

As reported by KCEN, police sergeant Brian Washko said, at this time it is unknown whether the second driver even knew what they hit. Um, what we do know is, that second driver did not stop though. They also remain still at large.

Ok, Here Are My Questions

1. Does anybody know her?

2. Who spoke to her last?

3. Do we know why she was trying to cross the highway?

2. Did driver #1 see what type of vehicle hit the woman?

3. Have we gotten any camera footage yet?

Look at me trying to be on the investigative team lol.

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If You Didn't Know

DPS is wanting to let pedestrians know that crossing an interstate on foot is illegal. You must walk towards traffic on the shoulder until you can safely get off the freeway. Wow. Did you know that? I did not know that. The second driver is still unknown. Police are looking for any information that could lead to their identity. Maybe they will turn themselves in. This is an active and open investigation and there is no new information at this time. K-Lew out!

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