Imagine you think you've found that special someone on a dating app and you begin a conversation and somewhere down the line of your developing love story, she asks you to do her a tiny favor: Kill her ex-boyfriend.

According to WDAF, an Oklahoma woman, upset about a recent break-up, decided to use dating app "Plenty Of Fish" to not find a new love, but to find a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend.

According to police 20-year old Avalone Fishback (we are not making this up, that is her real name) tried to get four people to kill her ex, two through the Plenty of Fish app, one on Snapchat and a fourth guy who says she offered him $600 to do the job. Police got wind of the plot when one of the Plenty Of Fish users contacted them.

One of the Plenty Of Fish guys agreed to do it for $1,000 and the two even arranged a meeting but the deal didn't go through because he was already facing criminal charges. Fishback is being held in an Oklahoma jail on a $150,000 bond.

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