We asked YOU, our awesome MyKiss1031 listeners to share with us the first cassette tape you ever brought or had and we have some great answers from yall!

We received some answers that ranged from classic R&B albums from Tony, Toni, Tone to old school hip hop jams from artists like Big Daddy Kane. A few of you are still hanging on to your favorites and here are some photos of the tapes you're still jamming!


  • Lachone Scott

    "Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?"

    Art Of Noise's debut full-length album, released in 1984 is one Lachone still has. If you were a "break dancer" this was probably one you was jamming!

    Art Of Noise
  • Mary Bourdon

    Look At These Throwbacks!

    Mary showed us the mother load with these classics from New Edition, The Time, Prince, Klymaxx and Heavy D!

  • Sheila Owens-Rowell

    Sheila took it way back to the 8-Track days with The Ohio Players and their classic "Skin Tight"!

    Ohio Players
  • Melz On The MIC

    Naughty By Nature

    My first cassette tape was from 1991's Naughty By Nature self-titled debut album featuring O.P.P.

    Courtesy Of Tommy Boy Records