The address 4505 E. Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen may not be well known to you by its "physical address" but you KNOW the LOCATION well if you've lived in this area for awhile and have passed through its doors in whatever form it may have taken over the years.

What is currently known as "Country Rock" has been through a lot of changes in the 16 years that I've lived in this area. This location has served as the epicenter of a lot of club events in the city and its reputation falls somewhere between "memorable" to "infamous". Its changed hands several times over and the building has even burned down a couple of times but it still continues to spring back up.

To best that my brain can remember, I remember it as "Junction 45", "Fusion", and "Club Ice". Other folks I've talked to have other names I don't remember including "Club Rain", but one thing is for sure, a lot of us have a memory of this place, good and bad.

So what name do you remember this Killeen club having? Comment below or on our Facebook page!

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