Things are starting to heat up in the impending divorce of TV talk show host Wendy Williams and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

After filing for divorce last month, Williams soon to be ex-husband is demanding alimony and child support according to TMZ. Kevin is seeking child support for their 18 year old (he turns 19 in August) son Kevin Jr. and he's allegedly asking Wendy to foot his college expenses along with the spousal support.

Now as you know, I'm advocate for men getting spousal support because women get to claim it all the time and its TRUE EQUALITY.

BUT, when you consider that Kevin allegedly got his mistress pregnant, past rumors of infidelity and abuse and he's asking for child support for a LEGALLY grown child, I wouldn't be surprised if a judge doesn't show him any sympathy in this instance.

What say you, do you think he should get spousal and child support or does he need to "man up" and move on?

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