Kangaroo pride! The Killeen High School Class of 2011 is about to reunite.


What do you miss most about high school? Was it the football games, the pep rallies, or maybe just the friends that made it such a special time?

If you are an alumni of Killeen High School like I am, you have a chance to reunite and rekindle those great memories you made in your younger years.


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Killeen High School recently announced that they are organizing a reunion for the Class of 2011. Although the day of the event hasn’t been set as of yet, organizers say it is definitely happening.

Hopping Into Nostalgia


I’m gonna be honest: I loved my class reunion. I got to see people I hadn’t run into in years, and it truly warmed my soul to share memories and even be reminded of some I'd forgotten about.

Seeing everyone, I realized that it takes getting older to truly appreciate that the memories you made in those high school days are truly priceless, as are the lessons learned.


Take That Trip Back In Time

If you get ever get a chance to go to your class reunion, I would highly recommend that you do, even if you hated school.

Really! I know a lot of people who were very antisocial and hated to be there in high school, but had a nice time catching up with people at their reunion. Now, if don’t want to be there due to bullying, that’s totally understandable. But if you were just an anti-social person, trust me - this will put you in a mind frame of positivity and wanting to open up.

I’m almost certain that you will enjoy yourself. I was a little standoffish when I was growing up as well, but I've learned to cherish those high school memories and the time spent sharing them with my old classmates.

I want that for you too.

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