Found a treasure in the grocery store the other day.

Via Big Q/TSM

I chose to pick up the Smoked Cheddar and the Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips. There was some green containers, but I had to pass. Green means vegetable, and no one likes vegetables in their chips.

I popped the top of the Smoked Cheddar chips first, and I have to admit. I couldn't pop just one. Unless, of course, you mean one container. They were fantastic, so imagine my sorrow when I went back to the store a few days later and they were gone.

Life sucks, then you pee blood.

So I had no choice but to try the other brand. Sweet and Tangy BBQ. For these I decided to go all out. I cooked up some Soy Meat and made me some Tangy BBQ Soy Nachos.

Via Big Q/TSM

On a whole, these chips are great for nachos. Since they're wavey and ridged, they could hold a lot of ingredients. Was a very enjoyable meal.

I highly recommend you use these for nacho's because eating them plain will make your lips burn.

Both were very good and I will be buying again.