Are you ready for Christmas Texas, have you made sure to put all your decorations up in your house? Hopefully, everyone in Texas enjoys the holiday season, but make sure you are obeying the law. My favorite part about the Christmas celebration is the decorations that we put out on our house and the Christmas tree, seeing those decorations, really put you in the holiday spirit.

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However, according to CNN Business, you have to be very careful about what you decide to use when it comes to decorating because it could be banned. President Joe, Biden‘s Department of Energy rule passed in April 2022 that states who possess lightbulbs must be a minimum of 45 lm per watt. The lumen is what measures the brightness of a light and incandescent lights, light bulbs, are now banned all over the United States, including the great state of Texas.


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I can understand a lot this could be a foolish law, but the reality is that traditional incandescent bulbs are not against the LAW. that just provide the loom per walk. But Black lights, bug lights, color lamps, plant lights, reflectors, lamps, floodlights, and traffic signals are not banned, and a couple more individuals. If you don’t want the feds knocking on your door this Christmas just make sure not to have these decorations.

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