I’m all about traveling all around the world, especially going cross country starting in Texas. But there are just a couple of things that I believe must be established before going on road trips or even just traveling period. I’m a big believer in road trips that everybody who is able to drive in a car, should drive in the car if they’re going long distances.

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Traveling drivers should break the hours by at least four hours apiece in my opinion. There’s one thing for certain two things for sure that I am never been a fan of when it comes to going on road trips, and that’s picking up hitchhikers. Hitchhiking is when you are traveling by ride and getting a rise from passing drivers, people you do not know usually. Hitchhikers usually stand on the side of the road or in a space where they can be seen, facing the traffic with a thumb out, they are interested in hopping in the car with you.



This has always been an unsettling feeling in my opinion. From one standpoint, you’re trying to do a good deed by helping someone get to where they need to be, on the other hand, what if the person you are giving the ride to is dangerous? We all heard of the hitchhike killer, and don’t want to be a victim of that. According to , if you’re wanting to hitchhike in the United States, there are some places in the US that allow you to do it. In my opinion, hitchhiking should not be legal, but the question is, is it illegal in Texas?


 says in 44 of 50 states, hitchhiking is illegal in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, and then in all other states you just have to be mindful which means yes, you can hitchhike in the great state of Texas. I can only suggest this, if you are willing to allow a hitchhiker to get in your car, keep in mind you do not know this person, and being safe should be your first priority. I was always told as a young girl do not to speak to strangers, but here in Texas, you can pick them up. Be safe!

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