We all played "Hide And Seek" as kids, but you've never seen a game this big.

And here's the kicker: they will PAY for you to come play!

According to Uproxx, The Belize Tourism Board announced that they are going to be hosting the world's biggest game of hide and seek, and they are looking for 5 people to participate - 4 to be the "hiders" and 1 person to be the "seeker".

The 4 chosen "hiders" will be placed all over Belize in caves, jungles, resorts, and picturesque coastlines, while the the "seeker" will have one week to find all 4 using clues. The game takes place the week of November 12th and November 18th.

Sound like fun, right? Well, you gotta get hot and apply by sending an email to hideandseekbelize@gmail.com explaining why you’re the ideal candidate, with the subject line reading ‘Hider’ or ‘Seeker’ depending on your preference.

The deadline is October 8th, and if you're one of the lucky 5 they select, (here's that kicker again) they will PAY FOR YOUR FLIGHT to participate for free!

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