I am asking all of Central Texas to just be a little more patient when it comes to seeing the hilarious Darren Fleet. But even if you refuse to be patient, unfortunately, you still will have to Lol.  Darren Fleet has rescheduled his standup appearance at the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge for November 26 and 27th.

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We’re not exactly sure why Darren Fleet has canceled the show, but we still can’t wait to see him in action, unfortunately, this sometimes happens where some of our favorite comedians are supposed to come into town and they have to reschedule. Anything that happens nowadays, I mean life as a whole just happens.

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I want  Central Texas to let this go ahead and slide and make sure that you still come out November 26 and 27th  either way it goes. I can still say with confidence that I know that this young man is going to put on a heck of a show, he is so talented and so funny, and in my previous articles about him, I mention not only is he a standup comedian, but you have to keep in mind that Mr. Darren Fleet is also an actor, an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador and more importantly a writer. The man is creative and definitely worth it! It’s like the saying goes, when something is important they will wait, and I am telling you Central Texas,  this is absolutely important so let’s wait and get ready for the show in November see you there!


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