Being part of society can be difficult. You stop and think about how many ways a person can be an "A"-hole in a day, you'd never trust another human being ever again.

Going blindly into the world could be considered foolish, but to survive in society you have to have a little trust. It seems Blue Bell is trying our "trust" patience.

Serving up death in cookie dough was one thing. Not everyone likes cookie dough, but to have every single one of your containers open to any drunk teenager to open and lick is another.

Let me be the first person to say that I love your ice cream and would have no problem paying an extra nickel for it if you would just stick a strip of a plastic seal around it. Don't tell me about some type of freeze seal. That's the kind of B.S. you tell your girlfriend when you forget the condom. Stop giving your customers S.T.D's Blue Bell! Wrap it up or be prepared to lose to Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

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