We all know football in king in Texas, but lately a new sport is creeping up in popularity. And we think we may know why. 

Soccer's popularity is on the rise everywhere; we've even jumped on the bandwagon with an exciting new even we're hosting in June.  In the interest of research and science and stuff, we decided to look into the popularity of soccer and we came up with 10 really compelling reasons for why the sport is so popular worldwide.

10. Wesley Sneijder:

Wesley Sneijder Facebook

This Dutch soccer star plays for Galatasaray in Turkey. Remaining loyal to his Dutch roots, Sneijder represented the Dutch National Team in the 2010 World Cup, scoring five goals for the team. Not just a pretty face, Sneijder was named UEFA’s midfielder of the season and is considered one of the top three midfielders in the world.




9. Lionel Messi:

Lionel Messi

An Argentinean native, Messi is one of FC Barcelona’s prized possessions. Considered one of the best players of this generation, Messi was already shattering records for Barcelona by the ripe old age of 24. Messi has scored the World Player of the Year award from 2009 – 2012. This soccer hunk is sure to be mesmorizing fans, on and off the field, for years to come.





8. Xabi Alonso:

Xabi Alonso Facebook

This Spanish soccer star is muy caliente! In 2010 Xabi helped Spain win their first World Cup victory. He dazzled again in 2012 during the Euro tournament, scoring both goals in a 2-0 quarterfinal victory over France.



7. Mario Gomez:

Mario Gomez Facebook

Coming in at #7 is Center Forward, Mario Gomez. This German beefcake shows off his skills with FC Bayern Munich and the German National Team. Not only is he stellar on the soccer field, but he is also “striking” his way into hearts everywhere by speaking up on social issues.

6. Sebastian Larsson:

True to his Swedish culture, this soccer star has gorgeous blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Larsson started his career off playing for Birmingham City, but joined team Sunderland in 2011. Where ever he’s playing, you can be sure we’ll be watching!

5. Iker Casilas:

The only goalie on our list, Casilas sure does look good in the net. He was named captain for Real Madrid and for the Spanish National Team. He is one of the few players to ever win all major club and national championship titles.

4. Yoann Gourcuff:

Yoann Gourcuff Wikipedia Commons

This beautiful midfielder plays for Olympique Lyonnais. His brown curly locks and mischievous smile can make any woman swoon. Joining the league in 2008, this stud quickly earned honors as French Player of the Year in 2009. We’ll continue to keep our eye on this one…for his soccer talent, that is.

3. David Beckham:

Photo by Lintao Zhang Getty Images

This wouldn’t be a true list of hottest soccer stars if we didn’t mention David Beckham. Easily, one of the most famous soccer players of all time, David Beckham has been melting our hearts since 1992 when he started playing professionally at age 17. Since then he’s “played the field” with soccer teams, playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Preston North End, and the Los Angeles Galaxy. He’s kept it a little more consistent with his love life, marrying posh spice, Victoria Beckham, in 1999 and had four equally gorgeous children. Sky rocketing Beckham even further into fame is his numerous endorsements, most notably a steamy underwear deal. I don’t think anyone is complaining about that.

2. Ricardo Kaka:

Ricardo Kaka Facebook

This Brazilian is tanned muscle perfection. Scoring 30 goals in two seasons with Sao Paulo at the age of 19, the European leagues quickly hopped on flights to Brazil to recruit this young gun. AC Milan sealed the deal, but Real Madrid quickly stole him away to the tune of 65 million euro. That goes into the books as the second most expensive transfer in soccer history. Hot and rich? Yeah, I think we’re all okay with that. So Kaka was the 2nd most expensive deal. Who was #1…?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Coming in at #1 on our hot list AND #1 most expensive deal is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. This Portuguese baller started out playing for Manchester United before switching to Real Madrid. That trade cost Real Madrid 80 million euro. Considered soccer royalty, Ronaldo is beloved by young athletes for his fancy foot work and coveted by women everywhere for his luscious abs incredible soccer skills.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook

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