Teacher's Appreciation Day has extended into a week.

I think all parents can agree that teachers are amazing! They spend the majority of their day looking after our kids, nurturing them, guiding them, and equipping them with the knowledge to be the best they can be, so it's only right that one day of appreciation turns into a week.

Usually, teachers all over are celebrated on May 5th, but one day isn't nearly enough to show the people who make such a huge difference in our children's lives how indebted we are to them.

These last few months have been extremely hard for everyone, especially teachers. They have taken on the task of teaching their students via zoom and email. They have had to revamp lesson plans and work endlessly to ensure this generation of students doesn't fall behind due to the pandemic. Wheeew, things are tough.

As a small token of appreciation, I have come up with a few small ways to let the teachers know that they are appreciated...check them out below.

1) Drop off a thank you card with a gift card and special note inside.
2) Record a video with your kiddos explaining why you appreciate them and how grateful you are.
3) Send them a cash app with enough money to cover their lunch for the day.
4) Write an encouraging message on social media and ask your friends to join in on thanking them for all that they do.

These are just little things we can all do to let our teachers know that they're loved and appreciated as they continue to do all they can to educate and inspire our kids during this pandemic.

To all the teachers out there, thank you!

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