If you want the star treatment in Hollywood, just get yourself a fake Academy Award. As this video proves, it may just get you into exclusive parties and even net free stuff.

Okay, so there's a slim chance of it working for everyone, but comedian Mark David Christenson was able to get away with it, and the results are hilarious. Toting a fake Oscar, Christenson talked his way into VIP parties and an actual awards ceremony. He even managed to convince some people that they'd seen his acceptance speech, and posed for plenty of selfies with his new fans. At one point, he was given a free ticket to "his movie" at a theater just by flashing the knockoff trophy.

The most incredible (and kind of scary) thing is that he was able to convince a valet to fetch what Christenson said was his BMW. Christenson was able to drive away with it before turning around to do the right thing and give it back.

It just goes to show that people will do and believe just about anything when they're starstruck, even if they have no idea who the star is.