It's almost Easter Sunday, and we're all hyped for what's sure to be one of the most legendary Verzuz battles since the first back in March of last year.

This time it's Earth, Wind, & Fire vs The Isley Brothers, and this epic event will be hosted by none other than My Kiss 103.1 Morning show and Family Feud host Steve Harvey!

You can watch this epic battle between these two musical legends on the Verzuz Instagram page or Triller.

The battle will start at 7 PM Central time with additional music by the one and only D-Nice.

I have posted to social media to gauge people's opinions about the battle and scoped out other people's posts, and I think the votes are split down the middle.

Trey tha Choklit Jok will be programming Isley Brothers and Earth Wind and Fire songs earlier that day to get you ready for the big matchup.

Steve Harvey joked on his show about what everyone will be wearing during the Verzuz battle. I don't know if I'm gonna leave on my Sunday best from church service or get into something a little comfortable.

I know I will have it playing on my projector outside while smoking on a good cigar and enjoying an adult beverage.

I might do have a few people over for this momentous occasion. Of course, we will practice social distancing. It's still us verzuz COVID!

Let's take a look at the best Earth, Wind, & Fire songs, and later we'll do the same with the Isley Brothers.

ELEMENTS: These are Earth, Wind, & Fire's Greatest Hits

Steve Harvey will host a special Easter Sunday Verzuz Battle between two legendary groups: Earth, Wind, & Fire and The Isley Brothers. As we prepare for what's sure to be a matchup for the ages, we're diving into each group's greatest hits and their enduring legacy. Below, we'll take a look at the absolute best of Earth, Wind, & Fire.

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